Director's Cut

From blockbuster's to indies, award winners to first timers, we cover the world of filmmaking from the Director's chair. We get students info to help them start their filmmaking careers. Guests have included Oscar winning director of The Incredibles, Brad Bird; director of the era defining film Dazed and Confused Richard Linklater; and Best Foreign Film Oscar winner for Tsotsi, Gavin Hood.

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Focuses on women who pave their own way in the world of business. Discover how a poly-sci major applies her knowledge to a small business, learn how to turn simple fascination into a billion dollar corporation, and best of all, find out how you can define your own meaning of success!

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What does it take to succeed at some of the most competitive and accomplished companies? Looking to get your resume noticed? Recruitville gets the inside tips on what gets your resume past the gate keeper and how to nail that interview.

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The Spotlight shines on talented individuals from the world of business, entertainment, and politics. Guests have included hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons; legendary film and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer and indie and big budget film star Emile Hirsch.

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The Blank Page

Where all writing begins. We feature novelists, journalists, sportswriters, and screenwriters. Guests have included author Supreme Courtship, Christopher Buckley; CNN's Lou Dobbs; and Washington Post sportswriter Mike Wise.

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