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    Josh Lucas was born on an Indian Reservation and had lived 30 different places by the time he was 13. He began acting in plays in high school moved to Hollywood after graduation, deciding not to attend college in order to pursue his dream of acting. In his early twenties Lucas appeared as a guest star on several TV sitcoms, appeared in a film adaptation of a James Patterson book and eventually made his feature film debut in Frank Marshall’s Alive. After starring in an Australian sitcom for a season Lucas returned to the U.S. and moved to New York after being advised to develop his talent.

    In New York he studied privately with various acting coaches and began to take roles in indie films and occasional theatrical performances. Lucas gained mainstream exposure in 2002’s Sweet Home Alabama starring opposite Reese Witherspoon. He then received roles in A Beautiful Mind, Hulk, Glory Road, Poseidon and Stealth. In 2009, Lucas’ production company, Two Bridges, produced its first film, Stolen Lives. Lucas is also very involved in supporting charitable organizations and serves as an ambassador to YouthAids, an education and prevention program that uses media, pop culture, music, theatre and sports to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Our Interview

    Josh Lucas had a lot of advice to share in his interview with host Zack Sherwood. He answers student questions about how he trained as an actor and how he got his first break.

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