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    Jim Sturgess has been entertaining since he was a child in London, England. He wrote plays for neighbors and siblings to perform, was a member of the National Youth Music Theater and eventually attended the University of Salford’s School of Media, Music and Performance. He was discovered while performing a self-written poetry-based one-person show, Buzzin, and was recommended to an acting agency. Sturgess became a member of the band “Dilated Spies,” began working in television programs and telefilms, and also lent his voice to radio characters in addition to his stage and screen career.

    His breakthrough role came in 2007 when portrayed Jude, a young man from Liverpool who travels to America in search of his father, in Julie Taymor’s Across the Universe. The musical, which was set in the 1960s to a soundtrack of redone Beatles’ songs, launched Sturgess’ career. Sturgess then appeared in The Other Boleyn Girl and 21 with many well-established actors such as Kevin Spacey, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Laurence Fishburne. This up and coming actor’s next projects include Crossing Over, a film about immigrants from different countries and backgrounds who are trying to gain legal status and Fifty Dead Men Walking, the true story of Martin McGartland, a young man in the late 1980s who is recruited by the British Police to spy on the IRA.

Our Interview

    Jim Sturgess joins Zach Sherwood to discuss being cast in the film 21 and his experiences with other films. Rich from Campbell University asked Jim how he chose the scripts he pursued. Lana from Georgetown wondered how Jim maintained his sense of self in Hollywood. Jade from Virginia Tech asked Jim which director he would really like to work with. Jim’s advice to any actor or actress is to just be your self and be creative.

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