Career Highlights

  • In August of 2005, he reported from the eye of Hurricane Katrina as it made land fall in Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Led Hardball’s Daily reporting on the 2004 Presidential campaign
  • Graduated from the University of Michigan
  • Won a regional Emmy Award for investigative journalism for his reporting on a manufactured housing scandal in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • He was at the Pentagon when the plane crashed into it on September 11, 2001
Career Overview

    Emmy award-winning journalist David Shuster began his career working for CNN as an assignment editor and field producer. He left CNN to become a political reporter for an ABC affiliate and left ABC for Fox News. For Fox, Shuster was a correspondent based in DC and covered such news as U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and investigations under the Clinton administration.

    Shuster then moved to MSNBC/NBC where he remains today. He is a frequent back-up host for “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” and “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” and is a correspondent for “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” He has won not only an Emmy but also a Bugle Award in August 2006 by the Disabled American Veterans for his coverage of the 2005 National Disabled Veterans Sports Clinic.

Our Interview

    Hardball’s David Shuster sits down with ThinkTalk host Janell Snowden to discuss his career as a correspondent, and offer career advice for aspiring journalists. Shuster took questions from George Washington University students to explain why he left FOX for MSNBC, and where the Iraq War is fitting into the media and political agenda.

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