Erick's Farewell Post

For the past couple of months I was given the opportunity to inform, entertain, and connect with many of you through means of this blog. Thank you for reading them and I hope you were able to gain something from each post. Today is my last one as I return to California this weekend to finish my Bachelor’s Degree and graduate in June from UC Santa Barbara.

Good luck on all of your classes, internships, jobs, and careers…keep up on your academics and on the job hunt!

Monday for Laughs

We are already on the second week of March; time just seems to be going super fast…or is it just me? Feels like last week I had just arrived to the Washington DC area!

I know some of you are in midterm season while others are enjoying your Spring Break—hope you are having fun.

Countdown for Spring Break

The clock is ticking down as Spring Break nears for many college students, including myself. It is one of the most awaited seasons to participate in the social life scene! Some of you may be traveling to popular locations as are the Caribbean Islands, Cancun in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and even the sunny beaches of California or Florida.

However, regardless of where we will spending our Spring Break, there are some things you can do while you are on the road or waiting for your flight.

The Effects of Lack of Sleep

When we were younger, we would hate going to bed early, at least I know I did. My mother would always insist on me getting my eight hours of sleep, which is what doctors recommend. But now as a college student, I miss those days! Rarely do I get to sleep eight hours with my schedule and I am sure a lot of you would say the same.

Realistically, is it just me, or do you also miss nap time during kindergarten?

Teacher's Pet!

Most of us remember the term, “teacher’s pet,” in grade school and how we avoided to get called that. Well, ironically, a few years later we actually do want to be a teacher’s pet. Why? In order to go on to higher education such as Graduate, Medical, Law, and Business schools, we need letters of recommendations from professors!

Yes, a professor can be your best friend because you will need him/her to write a letter describing your qualities, academics, and potential.

Six Tips to get Hired after College Graduation

May and June are fast approaching and with that means a lot of newly graduated college seniors, including myself. But whether or not you are graduating any time soon, career options and job opportunities must already be lurking in your mind.

Our friends at the Huffington Post give us six “tough-love” tips to get hired after graduation. They do not sugar-coat it.

5 Ways on How College Students Can Save Money

5 Ways on how College Students Can Save Money

 As college students we are always spending money—going out to eat, buying clothes, and those college nights-out soon take a toll in the wallet. But here are five tips that our friends at the College Money Insider have come up with that will help you save some money to spend on other things or to add to your vacation fund.

  • Shop Early

In my experience, this helps a lot! Buy some things one week, then more on another, and so on.

Helping the Environment and Save Some Money- College Edition

Crazy weather in certain parts of the country, don’t you agree? Well if you do or do not believe in global warming, it is not my role to say if it does or does not, BUT we should all help out our environment, to keep it clean and less polluted.

Take Advantage of Your Youth and Travel

Today, I'm boarding a plane and heading away. Far, far away. Nine thousand miles away, to be exact.

Choosing a major isn't always about the money, even during a recession

You're a college freshmen, and your first semester of college is winding down to a close. 

Some of you have picked a major, and some of you still don't know whether you want Fruit Loops or oatmeal for breakfast. 

For those still struggling on what they "want to be for the rest of my life," check out this article from Daily Tar Heel: Choosing a major is not always about the money, even during a recession

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