The Benefits of Volunteer Work

D.C. has many volunteer opportunities and chances to interact with American college students. If you search on or, you can find various volunteer opportunities. You can also do fun things like volunteering for the Smithsonian museums or for the Smithsonian National Zoo: You should try looking at the event calendars for some of the universities-- many events are free and anyone can attend. In fact, these activities are great way to meet people and learn new things.

Adjusting to Life in this Country

I graduated from my university in February. After that, I arrived in NYC around the middle of April. Before then I traveled around Asian countries. It was my first time visiting the U.S.A. Now, four months have passed. How quickly time flies! While staying in NY, I learned English at Kaplan Academy. It is located in the Empire State Building, one of the most famous buildings in the world. To begin with, as a foreign student, I should adapt to the new environment as quickly as possible. I thought that was not enough. I don't want to waste my precious time.

Introducing Our Newest Intern - Minhye Park

I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. My name is Minhye Park from South Korea. I’d like to thank Think Talk for this internship opportunity. As an intern, I will work here for 6 months. I participated in The WEST PROGRAM which is a special program supported by the Korean & American governments. This program gives students the opportunity to learn English and intern in the U.S.A. I majored in Broadcasting and Creative Writing at Seoul Women’s University. I want to learn a lot through this internship and gain hands-on experience.

Networking makes easy

To continue our discussion on networking a job, here're some tips for maintaining the network: 1. Make a list of everyone you know and identify how they can help. 2. Sign up for some mentorship program, at departments, schools, or colleges. 3. Join a campus body that relates to your career field. 4. Volunteer or intern in an NGO body that remotely relates to your field. 5. Speak to company representatives even if you are not ready for the job. 6. Attend any company information seminar to learn more about them. 7.

Networking a job

When one talks about networking, or social networking, most of the people give responses that making use of networking in the job market is somehow unethical. Maybe this is somewhat misunderstood the meaning of networking. It’s not about using people, it’s actually a more of an empirical search of employees to many of the bosses. Because when you employ someone, it’s really hard to know through just a few rounds of interviews that the person is capable and compatible with the working spirit of the team or not.

Working out a CV


To many of the new graduates, the first and foremost issue (and problem) in a job hunt is the documentation of all your previous experience in all aspects of life at your first twenty years. This includes education background, internship or summer job experience, extra-curricular activities, clubs and societies involvement, as well as hobbies and interests. To most of the junior job searchers, writing a CV results a question of What to include in the list? To answer this question, it is essential to understand the meaning of a CV.

What are you expecting from potential employers?

It's approaching mid-July and for most of the recent graduates, this should be your last moment to grab a job which starts in September. In the future posts, I am going to give tips on job search.

But knowing your rights and responsibilities would be good to start with. Universally speaking, there should be at least six points to note and to expect from your potential employers:

China, China, China... What's up with China?

In the US, I often encountered with people who are fond of China studies. They often asked me if the next wave of economic boom could be boosted by China, as having high growth despite the world's economic depression. Most of the college students are looking for internships or study opportunities in the People's Republic. Enrolling in Chinese language classes (Mandarin, or Putonghua as they put it) is among the most fashionable options to pick in undergraduate years. China, China, China... everyone is talking about China!

Four Fun Tips to Know for the Fourth of July

There are tons of things to do all across the country on the Fourth of July including parades, fireworks, concerts, and much more! Usually I would watch the fireworks on the beaches of the Jersey Shore, but this year I am going to be at our Nation’s Capital. My friends and I are planning a day full of events for the Fourth of July! I was lucky enough today to be in our Liveshots DC office as Tom Bergeron, who is hosting A Capitol Fourth, broadcasted to many different news shows about the show at the Capitol.